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  • If you want to establish your company ourselves, we are ready to provide you a comprehensive service by dealing with all related formalities.

    We will establish a company according to your needs and requirements in the shortest time. We will advise you how to properly drawn up the founding documents according to your requirements, we will provide you the meeting of the shareholders with a reliable notary and direct company registration into the commercial register, we will arrange the business license authorization, company registered office premises etc.

    Nominee service

    The service is based on the providing persons who will be appointed as a member of the Board of Directors or as shareholders..

    It is a completely legal and regular process that used by our clients mostly for the following reasons:

    • The client wishes to protect his privacy and wishes to stay in anonymity for other reasons;
    • The client does not enough persons who could be appointed into functions;
    • The client is interested in the elimination of the business risks in respect of his person;

    We offer the filling those posts by our persons:

    • The director of a limited liability company.
    • The shareholder of a limited liability company.
    • Member of the Board of Directors of a joint stock company.
    • Member of the Supervisory Board of a joint stock company or of a European company.
    • The shareholder of a joint stock company or of a European company.

    To ensure maximum comfort and safety for our clients, we recommend the providing of nominee service together with other services, namely:

    • Providing a company registered office and a correspondence address (we will ensure the presence of the director when necessary, to took over the post etc.)
    • Legal service, tax services – documents related to the company will be reviewed by our legal department or tax advisers, so that the nominee service would be provided at the highest level in every conditions;
    • Accounting – with nominee service we keep accounts in order to guarantee the fulfilment of the legal obligations.

    Opening a bank account

    For the proper function of the company is necessary to set up a bank account. We can offer a long-term experience with setting up bank accounts. The setting up of a bank accounts in Czech banks is self-evident. For our clients is very popular wide range of accounts in foreign banks (see here).

    We would be glad to hear your requests for bank accounts and ideas about its use. We will select the best alternative for you, fill in the appropriate form for you, we just require several documents from you and after bank account opening we will explain you how to use the account with all its attributes (internet banking, credit cards, etc.). If you need any assistance, we will help you even with the banking transactions realization.

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Agreement on Processing of Personal Data CZ / EN