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  • An essential part of any business is the orientation in the law. Only in this way is possible to build a successful business on a solid foundation. Within a business through a foreign entity, it is also necessary the awareness of the law of the specific country.

    For all situation that require legal advice, our company offers its clients the services of legal counsels and cooperating attorneys who will provide you with comprehensive legal services of the highest level, both in the Czech and foreign legal environment.

    With regard to the number of clients using the services of our legal experts in all conceivable areas of legal issues we will always be able to provide you the best legal counsel on the specific matter.

    Naturally, we also offer to our clients the possibility of legal services based on a fixed monthly remuneration, under which clients are ensured with the agreed scope of legal advice for a fixed price.



    One of the area of the specialization of our legal counsels is the law of trademarks and other means of protecting the intellectual property (patents, utility models etc.). This is a fairly complex issue whose knowledge can greatly assist in protection of the client´s business (trade name, logo, patent etc.).

    At the first time we will help you with the preparation and filling of your new mark application, naturally after deep searching through already registered marks. We will make an analysis of the classes of goods and services which should be protected by the trademark. Subsequently we will pass you through the process of the trademark registration.

    Our assistance may lie in other operations, such as enforcing the legal claims arising from your trademark, submitting a objections towards other registered trademarks which might collide with your trademark etc.

    Within a professional approach the trademarks can greatly enhance your business. With the help of our legal counsels you will be able to dedicate all possible time to your business.

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Agreement on Processing of Personal Data CZ / EN