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  • Registration of a company on the island Malta includes following major advantages:

    • The high level of privacy protection
    • Director, shareholder and secretary of the company might be one person
    • Director of a Malta´s company doesn´t have to be Malta´s resident
    • There is no need to travel to Malta to establish the company
    • The company formation in Malta might create tax-effective corporate structure
    • The Malta´s companies are a subject to a flat tax of the incomes such as 35 % of the profits
    • The standard share capital of Malta´s company is 1 200 EURO


    Because of the fact that Malta is a member state of Europe, it offers significant advantages for establishing a new company. In Malta the European law regulations are applied, it has low tax rates and it has been a recognized and trustworthy jurisdiction. The favorable tax environment represents its real preference. Corporate tax rates, intellectual property rights taxes, gambling taxes and furthermore, value added taxes have the lowest rates in Europe.

    The Malta’s law regarding business has its basic in the British model and determines simple process which states how to form a company according to Malta´s law. This whole process of forming a company in Malta is meant to be fast and comparatively easy.

    Malta has had strong economic relations with European member states, including countries out of Europe – it is a major advantage when it comes to foreign investments. Malta has one of the greatest levels of privacy protection. You can do business with Malta company internationally with minimum changes which are required within the company.

    The tax information for registration companies in Malta

    Malta company is liberated from all withholding taxes and stamp charges. In case the divided profit from the Malta company has been sent to the shareholder, who is not the resident, the dividends might be sent with no limitations and no foreign Exchange control has been applied.

    Malta has favorable and competitive tax system which has primarily caused Malta´s success as the European centre of financial services.

    The people doing business in Malta or from Malta usually reach the lowest tax rate which has been available within Europe.

    However, the Malta company is a subject to tax on profits of 35 %, the shareholders are authorized to require 6/7 from this tax back. The amount of the refund tax is fixed for 6/7 of the Malta´s tax which has been paid by the Malta company.

    For example, if the Gross Profit was 100 000 EURO the company would pay the tax 35 000 EURO: Although, the shareholder would usually have the right to get the tax of 30 000 EURO back.

    In order to ask for the 30 % of the income taxes back, the shareholders must not have Malta´s residence. It doesn’t matter what the director’s residence is.

    The company’s name

    When choosing the Malta´s company name you need to make sure that every word in the name is in English. The name must end with a word, sentence or with an abbreviation Limited or Ltd.

    The company´s name must be unique and it requires an agreement from the company´s registrar. If the registrar has made an impression that the company´s name is undesirable or offensive, he/she might refuse to establish the company.

    Directors, shareholders and secretary

    The standard way to form a company in Malta is to have at least one director, one shareholder and one secretary. None of them though does not need to be the Malta´s resident and they might be legal entities. In case the legal entity is the director, the company must have at least two shareholders.

    To ensure the easiest process of forming the company in Malta, we shall appoint a secretary while forming the company. As soon as the company is established, our secretary resigns and there will be a new secretary appointed according to your choice. We also offer a nominee service.

    Nominee directors are allowed based on the Malta´s law.

    Basic capital

    The currency for forming a company in Malta is EURO. We establish companies with standard basic capital which is 1 200 EURO, it is divided into 1 200 shares per 1.00 EURO.

    Your Malta´s company does not need to have the standard basic capital, it is possible to change the amount. It is necessary to count with additional charges asked from Malta’s offices.

    The price for forming a company in Malta is 2 100 EURO. You might visit our price list to find out further information about the price or you might contact us in order to set up a free of charge appointment. We will be delighted to meet you.

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