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  • Offshore companies easily and quickly

    The offshore company means the company incorporated and registered in a country with a favorable tax regime, ie. in a „tax heaven.“

    In particular „tax heavens“ the regime of taxation of company´s incomes and dividends may be different, but generally is the tax burden substantially lower than in the Czech Republic.

    The creation of offshore structure is an ideal way for tax optimization which also ensure the anonymity of the ownership structure of the company or the entire holding. We have a wealth of experience with setting up offshore companies that you can use.

    Our company Parker & Hill offers its clients not only the ready-made offshore companies easily and quickly (or establishing measure-made offshore company) in one of the “tax heavens” (eg. Cyprus, Great Britain, Netherlands, Seychelles etc.), but also establishing and creating offshore structure necessary to ensure the effective tax optimization.

    The price for an offshore company also includes providing a company registered office in the particular country and ensuring nominee services.

    We know the questions of offshore companies establishment and the problems that might occur so we can save your time and money.

    Offshore companies – Parker & Hill – an easy way for the company abroad.

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