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Sales of ready-made companies

  • Whether you need a new business company for any mason, the easiest and fastest way to its reach is undoubtedly the purchase of so-called ready-made company. This is a company that we have already established fully in accordance with the Czech law and we still maintain it in such condition.

    By buying ready-made companies you can avoid the lengthy process of its establishment and often even the cost for legal counsel and the only thing to be done is to transfer the company ownership to you.

    Our companies always (among other things) meet the following:

    • Have been incorporated and registered in the commercial register in full compliance with the law;
    • They have been never engaged in any business activity.
    • They have paid up the share capital.
    • They have the tax identification number.
    • They have a wide range of business activities.
    • They have no obligations of claims against anyone.

    The company transfer is not complicated or lengthy. In addition, if you reconsider some of the basic points, may the first contact leads to solving the main formalities. From your side we especially need the company name, name of the shareholders, company business activity, statutory body´s details (who will be the company director, member of the board of directors etc.).

    It is also necessary to settle the company registered address. We are able to provide you with the placement of the company registered address in our premises. See more information about this service HERE.


    The price list of ready-made offshore companies is HERE. The price shall include all costs directly related to company purchase. 

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Agreement on Processing of Personal Data CZ / EN