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  • Here you can find information regarding access to business registers of most European Union member states and some other states. Information provided by particular states may have varying extent, some contains also information on the fees.

    Currently, it is able to get access into commercial registers of: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Canada, Latvia, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Poland, Austria, Greece, Slovakia, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA and United Kingdom.

    For certain countries are information available in the Commercial Register of the European Union (European Business Register). It concerns the following countries: Belgium, Ireland, Greece, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, France, Austria. This register is being constantly updated and we can expect that it will be further extended by new EU member states in the future.

    European Business Register contains information on access to commercial registers and other databases that contain information about economic entities and fees for those information.

    Business registers links

    Australia – Information on Australian companies can be found through the site Information on these pages are not charged.

    Belgium – Belgian branch of the European database of companies (Euro DB) contains information about Belgian companies and price lists for the provision of extracts.

    Bulgaria – – At this address can be found the register of small and medium-sized Bulgarian companies.

    Denmark – The Danish Commerce and Companies Agency DCCA – click here The fee information from the database are included.

    Estonia – Centrum registers, falling under the Estonian Ministry of Justice are free – Contains free of charge information on: company name, registration number, the status of the company, the amount of the company’s assets, the court of the company registration, company address and date of registration by the Commercial register. Other information is charged.

    Finland – Information on Finnish companies can be obtained on the website information Some are for free, some charged. The pages contain the prices.

    France – information, visit website also contains prices for the provision of information.

    Ireland – Companies Registration Office – information on Irish companies and the fees for extracts from the register.

    Iceland – information about Icelandic companies, visit

    Italy – Information on Italian subjects are on, general information are in English, the extracts are only in Italian.

    Jersey – register on companies having headquarters on the British island of Jersey, the information available on the website

    Canada – information about Canadian companies are accessible free of charge on the national register of Industry Canada Some provinces still have their own registers, for example: Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Ontario

    Latvia – Latvian for businesses to find information on There is also a list of fees for providing information, and here you can find a graphic scheme of relationships between entities.

    Luxembourg – you can find some information on the Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés, basics like. Information on the name or identification number are free of charge, others are charged.

    Germany – German companies information available on It is the German branch of the International Economic Databank – Creditreform. It’s not the business register but private database of the companies.

    Netherlands – Dutch companies can be found through extract from the register is for fee, information on a similar scale as in the Czech Republic. 

    Norway – Information on Norwegian companies are available at list of fees can be found at the link Information Fees, most of them are not charged. 

    New on this site, managed by the New Zealand Ministry of Economics, you can search for information about New Zealand companies with a price list for your information.

    Poland – about Polish companies can find out information on the Web On the site is also available pricing for entry into the database..

    Austria – information on Austrian companies are available in commercial database of the companies registration in the database is voluntary and free of charge. The database also contains a list of fees for providing information.

    Greece – Information about Greek companies can be found at

    Slovakia – access to information on Slovak companies is similar to the Czech Republic, it is for free on the website of the Ministry of Justice, see

    Spain – Information on Spanish companies can be found on the website

    Sweden – Information about Swedish companies information are available at site contains a list of charges for the extracts from this database.

    Switzerland – information not available through the European business register, can be found at the It is a federal central register of Swiss companies from which it is also possible to get access to most of the cantonal registers. Cantonal register consists of most cantons, but the extent of the information provided, as well as their pricing may vary across cantons.

    United Kingdom – basic information can be found on the Internet WebCHeck, more details are charged. The site contains the pricing information.

    USA – unlike other federations there are no federal register and the information is only available in the register of every single state.

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Agreement on Processing of Personal Data CZ / EN